LED replacement programme

In 2016, Aurora installed low-energy LED lanterns in over 50,000 street lighting units throughout Sunderland.

Delivering significant energy savings and a reduction in carbon footprint, below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers relating to the LED replacement programme.

If the answer to your question is not below, please contact us via info@auroraltd.com

  • What are we doing?

    Sunderland City Council has secured funding for an ‘invest to save’ project which will see the replacement of nearly half of its existing street lighting lamps with more energy-efficient LED units.

    This phase of the programme will see the majority of lighting in residential areas replaced within 18 months with traffic routes and city centre areas following on through to completion in 2022.

  • Why the need for change?

    Street lighting accounts for nearly a third of the Council’s energy bill. Once complete, the new LED lighting will reduce the Council’s annual energy charge and associated Carbon Tax levy by more than £2 million.

    These savings will assist the Council to meet its cost reduction target without diminishing the lighting provision.

  • Why LED lighting?

    LED lighting has a much longer lifespan, requires a lot less maintenance and it is extremely energy-efficient returning at least a 50% saving over our existing sodium lights.

    It also provides a white light source with better night time colour recognition; and concentrates the light onto the road and footway where it is needed to help reduce light pollution into homes, gardens and the night sky.

  • Who will be carrying out the works?

    Aurora, a subsidiary company of Balfour Beatty Living Places, is the Council’s street lighting partner and service provider.

  • Will every street light be replaced with an LED light?

    Yes. To date, around 48,500 units has been replaced with the remaining 400 to be completed.

  • Will there be any disruption?

    No. There will be no need for any excavations in the street, Aurora operatives will typically take between 15-30 minutes per streetlight to complete the replacement.

  • Will I notice any difference?

    Yes. You should notice a white light source which allows colours to be more easily identified during the night time.

    You may also notice that the light is focused downwards on the street and in some instances no longer spills light into surrounding gardens, driveways or fronts of properties.

  • When will work start in my street?

    The majority of works are now complete with some city centre areas remaining. Planned maintenance tasks such as cleaning, electrical and structural testing will continue into the future.